Baldwin Park, CA Energy savings with natural light from a sunroom

Baldwin Park, CA Energy savings with natural light from a sunroom

Are you interested in finding ways to save energy? Things like: energy saving light bulbs, hybrid cars, biking or taking public transportation instead of driving. It’s important to be conscientious of the impact each of us make on the planet, not to mention on our energy bill. And the most replenishable form of energy that’s completely free is natural sunlight. Here are tips for a sunroom that can help you conserve energy while enjoying those bright natural light of Baldwin Park, CA summer days in comfort.

Energy Efficient Glass Windows

By their very nature, sunrooms are mostly glass windows. It’s important to note, however, that not all windows retain the same amount of heat. Familiarize yourself with the U-factor of the glass (solar heat loss coefficient). The lower the U-factor, the more energy efficient the window will be. Single-paned windows have too high of a U-factor to be efficient glass windows and will cause the sunroom to be too hot and stuffy.  Find windows that reduce heat while protecting you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This way, you’ll save energy and your Baldwin Park, CA sunroom will be comfortable in winter and summer alike.

Baldwin Park, CA Sunroom Insulation

More important to keeping your sunroom comfortable both in the extreme heat and in the chill of winter is proper insulation. With Baldwin Park, California Sunroom and Patio room pros, all of the our preferred sunroom builders use products that are made right here in California and come with a lifetime manufacture transferable warranty.

Our WeatherGuard Roof System

There are a number of reasons for covering your enclosed porch with an WeatherGuard Roof System. It offers shade and blocks damaging UV rays, but the translucent surface also lets the natural light shine through. It’s strong enough to protect against hail and heavy storms and the rigid panels won’t shatter if they do take any damage. It requires almost no maintenance. With Baldwin Park, California Sunroom and Patio room preferred builders use Roof Systems that will keep your  sunroom cool, sunny, energy efficient, and they look really good, too.

Making an enclosed Baldwin Park, CA sunroom out of your porch is an excellent way to save energy on an office, a reading room, or just a living space. But the renovations can be a disruptive hassle for a homeowner to take on. That’s why it helps to hire a skilled professionals Like Baldwin Park, California Sunroom and Patio room Pros preferred builders.

Once you’re sure, reach out and give us a call. We work with some of the best sunroom builders who will give you a FREE Baldwin Park, CA sunroom home estimate.

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