Patio enclosures and Avalon, CA sunrooms

Patio enclosures and Avalon, CA sunrooms

Enclosing Your Avalon, California Patio – A Very Wise Investment

Living in beautiful Avalon, CA many home owners have learned the benefits of enclosing their patios.  To name one that justifies this type of remodeling is the increased value it brings.  Enclosing your patios like a sunroom makes for a wise investment should you ever sell your home. Home owners also enjoy entertaining more guests with this additional space or have a safe play area for little ones.

Avalon, CA patio enclosure are trending.  It makes perfect since with experiencing many hot months throughout the year.  Below are three main reasons this type of remodeling is on the rise.

Hot Summer Months – No Problem!

Enclosed patio owners get the best of both worlds.  They can still experience a beautiful summer day without sweating or battling pesky bugs.  Enclosed patios are special and versatile.  You can use them as a safe playroom for kids, entertaining guests in what is sure to be a unique dining experience for them and enjoy the sunshine without needing sunscreen.

Enjoy Your Enclosed Patio All Year Long

Avalon, CA residents like to refer to this room addition as their “year-round sunroom”.  People generally think enclosed patios or sunrooms are to be only enjoyed in the summer.  But, this is not true!  The most practical patio enclosures are constructed with adjustable windows.  This allows the owner, on cooler spring days, to let in fresh air and enjoy the smell of the seasons starting to change.  With cold days, the windows can be closed yet still allow the beauty of the great outdoors to be enjoyed inside.

Construction and Design Matter

Enclosing your patio needs to be done right in order for you to get a return on your investment should you ever sell your home.  Here at Avalon, California sunrooms and patio room Pros we have the right preferred contractors that have a gallery full of ideas of patios that they have transformed.   Making sure your enclosed patio or sunroom addition matches the color, style and design of your current home.   This gives the room a seamless look and not an “add on” look.

Call Avalon, California sunrooms and patio room Pros today to get a FREE in-home estimate with one of our preferred contractors to help you turn your patio into a new room.

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