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Roof Systems

Our WeatherGuard™ Roof System is the ultimate solid roof system for patio rooms, gabled rooms, and patio covers. Features solid foam and aluminum construction for a highly insulated, attractive, and durable roof on your sunroom.

  • Available in 3", 4" and 6" widths to accommodate local building codes
  • Built with superior insulation against heat and cold
  • Finished with a highly durable aluminum surface (in white) that won't rust or corrode
  • Available with gutters or an attractive side fascia
  • Internal Weep System: Prevents service calls
  • 4' Wide Panels: Easy installation, less seam joints
  • 17' Clear Span Projection @ 10 L.L.: No need for post and beam support in most cases
  • ICBO Approval: Easy, trouble free permit pulling
  • State Approval: Easy, trouble free permit pulling
  • Patented "Snap & Lock" Roof System:

Ceiling Fans and Light Beam

If you plan on putting a ceiling fan or hanging lighting in your new room, this upgraded beam option is a must.

  • Provides a structural location to attach fixture
  • Allows wires to be concealed in the hollow of the structure
  • Ellminates conduit on the top of your roof

Baked Enamel Finish

  • .024 Aluminum, stronger than the .019 gauge Standard roof
  • Thicker skins mean less dents, freight damage, etc.
  • Stronger foam allows for walking on roof
  • Fan beams — holds up to 35 lbs.
  • Full 2" x 3" raceway imbedded in roof panel with fan beam
  • The denser the foam, the higher insulation value
  • Snap together lock system - Lock system covered by 3 patents
  • Thermally broken roof hanger, reduces heat transfer & condensation

Smart Glass High Performance

For our glass roof sunrooms we offer a new high performance single pane product and a new “SmartGlass” family of double pane high performance glass products that outperform all competitive products in their class. Why are we doing this? For two reasons ….

(1) To give you an even greater competitive edge, and (2) because more than any other component in a sunroom or patio room, the type of glass used will determine the comfort and usability of the finished sunroom. Why the performance of glass is so important. What it all boils down to is this … the two biggest problems with sunrooms and patio rooms has to do with excess heat gain, which makes the rooms uncomfortably hot; and Ultraviolet radiation which fades and damages fabrics and furnishings.

Sunroom Roof Glass Product Sheet
Californa Sunroom Dual Pane, Single Pane Glass

Garden Room and Options

  • Reinforced female edge
  • Deep set connection for positive lock
  • Double sealant reservoir
  • Internal drainage system
  • Interlock designed for free movement
  • Easily unlocked if necessary
  • Fully engineered for all building codes
  • Lengths to 35 ft.
  • Widths 3", 4", 6", 8"
  • Skylight and fan beam adaptable
  • Lifetime factory warranty
  • Extruded guttering available

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