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It’s time to start thinking about getting a patio cover, particularly if you live in or around Inglewood, CA. Sometimes it can be tricky and often expensive to add square footage to your Inglewood home. Not anymore. 4 season sunrooms are what you’ve been hoping for. Sunrooms give homeowners an option to expand their home that doesn’t even compare in price the expensive traditional options that most Californians usually take. Get what you want for your home sooner, safer, and cheaper by going with sunroom additions. It will shock you when you see how not only beautiful they are but how ingenious the technology behind them is. The manufacturers and designers behind the idea of sunroom enclosures have always involved environmental awareness, green thinking, longevity, and affordability. All of these things have been accomplished with modern patio rooms located in the Inglewood area.


If you want to see some for yourself, we have many models for you to see in person in Inglewood, CA. Let us know what questions you have and we will make sure that you are armed with all the necessary knowledge needed to choose your perfect patio cover for you Inglewood home. If your experience ends up being anything like our other patrons, we know that you are in for a wonderful surprise. Welcome to the world of sunroom additions!

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