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The Straight Patio room has been taken from stunning to outstanding, for over the past decade this has been California’s favorite room addition. Our Patio Rooms offer you a flawless and useful design that turns your patio dreams into your reality. These Patio Rooms come with fully insulated walls and roofs, and feel like it was built with the home. Patio rooms are popular options for those who need privacy but want an affordable solution to increase home space. Cthru Patio rooms offer plenty of upgrades so each client can make their patio room unique to their lifestyle. Whether you are looking to turn your ordinary patio addition into a home office, family room, spare bedroom, gym or a relaxing escape, you can be rest assured that your new patio room will be a tasteful and admired addition.

Cthru straight patio room comes with a flat roof with a mild slope. Each Patio room can be customize to match the exterior and interior of any home. With plenty of options for upgrading the glass, adding heating and a/c, upgrading the doors to please any home owner. If you like the idea of a fully insulated room but want a gabled roof, see our Gabled Patio Rooms

Besides enjoying all the seasons, patio room additions offer quality in design, fast installation and energy-efficiency, enjoy other benefits of this all season room like added security features, smooth door handles and superior weather lock with interlock ties. Our preferred contractors can build your patio room to match the exact design of your California home.

Exterior Straight Eave Patio Room, California

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